We monitor your traps and find the rats in time

With TrapMonitor we have created a small revolution within pest control

What is Trapmonitor

TrapMonitor is a system that makes your pest control 100% efficient

The TrapMonitor system monitors your rat traps and depots via two parts, a sensor and an IT system. We place a sensor on each of your depots which then continuously transmits information whenever it registers activity within the depot. The sensor not only lets you know when the trap has been activated, it also tells you if the trap has had a visitor without being activated.

By using the TrapMonitor you get a clear overview of:
  1. How often does the trap need emptying? The TrapMonitor lets you know when the trap has been activated. This means that you can cut back on routine trap rounds.
  2. Which depots are in full function? You can empty the trap as soon as the TrapMonitor sends you an alarm. This means that you can keep your traps clean and working all the time.
  3. Is my bait working? The TrapMonitor will let you know which traps receive visits without being activated.
  4. Where do I have the biggest rat challenge? The TrapMonitor comes with an easy-to-use map which lets you know: Where are the rats coming from? Where are they headed? Which time of the day are they at their most active as well as a lot of other factors that will help you optimize your pest control.

In short: When you use TrapMonitor, your workload lessens while at the same time ensuring that your traps and depots perform better.
What is Trapmonitor What is Trapmonitor

How does it work


The TrapMonitor sensors both motion, heat and air temperature.

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All TrapMonitor sensors come equipped with a communication module.

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Our IT system processes the messages it is being fed from the sensors second by second.

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You yourself decide how often you and/or your employees want alarms.

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Demo meeting

We are always happy to demonstrate our system for you either in a meeting or live via a shared screen session. Type in your information here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

TrapMonitor fits all types of traps and depots.

Shown here with a trap from GoodNature.

Why choose us?

Easy installation

A TrapMonitor takes seconds to install. It can be fitted on top of the depot or within.

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The cheapest on the market

TrapMonitor is the cheapest solution on the market when it comes to surveillance of traps and depots.

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Trap optimization

With TrapMonitor, you can optimize the use of your traps.

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Overview from your office chair

When you use TrapMonitor on your traps and depots, you get a clear overview of the rat situation on your property at all times.

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Planning Tool

The TrapMonitor includes a planning tool.

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Green pest control

TrapMonitor supports green, sustainable pest control.

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Who are we

Mikkel Fischer


Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting. Has worked within the pest control business for many years and has extensive knowledge of the challenges and problems within this field.

Jon Kafling


MSc in Business Administration and Computer Science. Entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience within the field of internet-based systems. Has built companies like DIBS Ltd. and eSmiley Ltd. from the ground.

Lars Wichmann


MSC., PhD. Programmer. Silv with more than 15 years of experience in building internet-based systems. Lars is the main man behind the development of food safety system eSmiley.

Rikke Füchsel

Sales Coordinator

Rikke has extensive experience with sales of internet-based systems. Rikke helps to reinforce our advice, sales and service efforts across from existing and new customers.

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